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How can I transfer my Wix domain to another domain provider?


A time may come when you decide to move your domain from Wix. The good news is that this is easy to do, and you can transfer it at any time. Here's how you can get started:

Wix domain transfer - Away from Wix
Image Credit: Wix

Log in to your Wix account.

You can log in to your Wix account by entering your email address and password (if you do not remember it, you can reset it). If you do not know your email address, check it in your profile. You might have several options listed here; select the correct one if you have more than one email address associated with this account.

To transfer your domain:

  1. Go to the Domains page.

  2. Click on your domain name to select it and then click the Show More icon and select Transfer Away from Wix to start transferring your Wix domain to another provider.

  3. Click Transfer Domain.

  4. Click I Still Want to Transfer.

  5. Wix will send a transfer authorization code (EPP code) to your domain's registered email address.

Transfer My Domain To Another Provider.

  • Choose My Domains and select the domain name you want to transfer from the dropdown menu.

  • Enter your EPP code into the field provided then click Continue.

  • Select another domain provider from one of over 75 providers that we work with, including GoDaddy, Hover and Namecheap (they're all listed here). This will be where we'll be sending this domain once it's been transferred so make sure it's available!

  • You'll also need an email address associated with that provider which is used as its admin contact; this can be any email address if you don't have one yet or use an existing one that hasn't been used for anything else before today!

  • Finally enter all relevant contact information including name(s), address(es) and phone number(s), then click Transfer Now button at bottom right hand corner when ready."

A window will pop up with the domain's EPP code.

The EPP code is a unique code that identifies your domain. You'll need to enter this code into the domain provider's site as well as Wix and Namecheap (if you're using it).

To find out what the EPP code for your domain is, log in to your Wix account and go to [My Domains]. From there, select the name of the site whose domain you want to transfer. You'll see a box labeled "Domain Information." In that box are two links: one for Lock (which we don't recommend) and one for Domain Transfer Details.

Click on Domain Transfer Details, then look for a line labeled EPP Code under Transfer Status. If there is no EPP code listed there then contact support at [name of host]

Log in to your domain provider's site.

  • Log in to your domain provider's site. Navigate to the domain management section of your website, then select “Transfer Domain”

  • In order to transfer your Wix domain to another provider, you will need to log into your current provider's site. Once logged in, search for "Transfer".

  • Enter the name of your domain and EPP code into the designated fields. Then click Submit.

  • Your transfer will be approved in five days or less.

Use the email address you have listed as the admin contact for your domain to approve it within 5 days of submitting your transfer request.

To approve your transfer request, you’ll need to use the email address you have listed as the admin contact for your domain. The transfer request will be sent to this email address and contain a link that you must click in order to approve it within 5 days of submitting your request.

The link will only be valid for 5 days, so make sure you act quickly!

When you click on this link, it will take you directly to a page where you can enter your EPP code (see above). If everything goes well and there are no errors, then congratulations - all done! Your domain has been successfully transferred!


Congratulations! You’re now ready to transfer your domain name to another domain provider. We hope the process was simple, but if you have any questions or need a little extra guidance, contact our Support team or visit the Community Forum. And don't forget to check out our other posts for lots more useful information on everything Wix-related!

If you still need help with the domain transfer, schedule a free consultation call with us!

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