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Is Wix a legitimate website builder?


Wix is a website builder that lets users build, customize, and manage their own websites. It's easy to use, offers a variety of features, and has many pricing plans to choose from. After signing up, you can create an account on Wix and have your website up in no time. If you're looking to build a website, consider using Wix as your platform.

Wix website
Image Credit: Wix

Wix is a legitimate website builder.

Wix is a legitimate website builder, and there's plenty of evidence to prove it. Wix has been around for an impressive amount of time, while also building a loyal customer base along the way. The company continues to expand and add new features, making it an attractive option for those who want to create their own websites without having to spend hundreds of dollars or hours learning how to code from scratch.

Wix has many templates to choose from.

Wix website templates
Image Credit: Wix

One of the most impressive aspects of Wix is its vast selection of templates. It has millions to choose from, so you’re certain to find one that suits your needs. Wix also offers a wide range of templates, including those with professional-looking designs and more fun ones for personal sites or blogs.

Since these template have been designed by professional designers and developers, they are easy to use as well as customizable. There are also several tools included within each template that allow you to easily change things like fonts or images—even if you don’t know how to code yourself!

Wix is simple to use.

If you’re looking for a website builder that is easy to use, Wix is probably a good choice.

Wix has a simple interface and user friendly features. It’s intuitive and easy to navigate. You can set up your Wix website quickly by following step-by-step instructions on their website or by using their app. Once you get started, customizing your site is also straightforward: just drag and drop elements as needed onto the page in order to create a professional design that matches your brand identity.

Wix offers different plans and pricing options.

The different plans and pricing options are suitable for different people and businesses, depending on your needs and budget.

For example, the “Basic” plan costs $12 per month, while the “Plus” plan costs $22 per month. The differences in these plans include more storage space and features available to you across all of Wix's apps (such as file sharing).

The bottom line is this: if you don't care about having high-end features like eCommerce or online booking tools on your site but still want something professional looking with minimal effort involved (and an easy way to edit content), then we recommend trying out one of their free templates first before committing to purchasing a paid account.

Wix can be the best choice for a legitimate website builder.

Wix is a legitimate website builder that can be a good choice for your website. If you want to build a simple, straight-forward site that doesn't require much customization or advanced features, Wix is the way to go. It has many templates to choose from and it's simple enough for even non-techie people to use.

Website builders like Wix offer different plans and pricing options depending on how much storage space you need and how many pages your website will have.


In conclusion, we can say that Wix is a legitimate website builder. It’s easy to use, it has many templates to choose from and all the different plans are reasonably priced. If you need a website for your business or just want to build one for fun, then wix is the best choice!

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