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If Wix is my host, how do I use my GoDaddy email?


If you’re a customer of both Wix and GoDaddy and have recently decided to use the former to host your website, you may be wondering how to keep using email services from the latter. Happily, it’s quite easy to do.

Image Credit: Wix Support

Wix: The host

Wix is the host, meaning that the domain name you registered with GoDaddy will be pointing directly to your Wix website. You won't have a website hosted on GoDaddy's servers; instead, you'll have a Wix site. If it helps, think of it this way:

  • GoDaddy is the registrar (you registered your domain name with them).

  • Wix is the platform provider (they provide all of their templates and tools for creating websites).

  • GoDaddy is also a domain name registrar (that's why you can use your existing domains if they're registered at GoDaddy).

To connect your GoDaddy email:

  1. Check if you have an Office 365 or a Workspace email as part of your GoDaddy account.

  2. Go to your Domains page.

  3. Click the Show More icon next to the relevant domain.

  4. Select Edit MX Records.

  5. Click the drop-down menu and select GoDaddy.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Complete the setup process in your GoDaddy account. (

Edit MX records of the domain
Image Credit: Wix Support

Use Gmail or Outlook to create a professional email address

To use your GoDaddy domain name with Gmail or Outlook, you'll need to set up a new email address with Gmail or Outlook. Then connect it to your GoDaddy domain name by adding the new email address as your primary email address in the Domains section of My Account, and/or setting it as the default email address in the Email section of My Account.

If you're already using another service like Office 365 for business mail, we recommend keeping that separate from other personal accounts (such as Hotmail), since mixing business and personal information can cause problems down the road when requesting refunds for products purchased in error.


If you’re looking for a hosting provider to use with your domain name, we recommend Wix. You can get started with Wix today by signing up for their free trial. Once you’ve created an account and set up your website, it’s easy to connect your GoDaddy email address so you never miss any new messages!

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